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Your new wallpaper for September!


4 Local Fair Fashion Brands We Love: Behind The Scenes

We got so excited to get into our new studio and shoot our bag collection, so we decided to bring you along with us. That's our LIV bag, you can find it right here.  Lana Organic Dress ''Claire'' - Color Nancy Tomate,  Ella & Witt Davis sneakers, Kerbholz Thea watch, necklace and...

It's here - your new wallpaper for August!

Wow, time flies and it's already time for a new wallpaper for August! You know the deal - calendar, plain version or just both if you're using two screens... whatever you decide.  Have an amazing August! #1 calendar version #2 plain version  

Free Wallpaper for July!

Wow - time flies! Here's your new free wallpaper for July. Calendar and plain version as usual.  #1 Calendar version: #2 Plain version:

A new wallpaper for June!

Wow - another month has gone by and we have another free wallpaper for June for you! And as usual you can choose between the calendar version or plain version.  Enjoy!   #1: calendar version #2: plain version

Your free wallpaper for May!

New month, new wallpaper! Here's your new one just for you. Calendar or plain version - you decide.  #1 Calendar version: #2 Plain Version:  Enjoy!

Earth Day Every Day! 10 Easy Ways to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle.

Earth Day is officially over, but for us earth day is every day! This is not just a day for big corporations to post "meaningful" quotes or promote their "sustainable" new collection (hello, #greenwashing). Earth Day should be a reminder and inspiration for everyone that we should care about our...

11 of the best vegan restaurants in Hannover.

Hannover is nuuwaï's hometown: it might not be a huge city like Berlin, yet it has so much more to offer than you would ever expect. There are plenty of things you can do here, but my favorite activity is eating a lot of vegan, yummy food! Throughout the years I...

Your free wallpaper to make home office more fun!

Why not make staring at your computer all day a bit more exciting with a fresh wallpaper? We have a free monthly wallpaper for you right here!   

Get creative with nuuwaï!

Need a break in-between Zoom or Skype meetings? Are you just really bored and looking for something to do? Or are you looking for something to keep your kids busy with for a while? Staying home can be hard sometimes.. but we got you! We prepared four free coloring pictures for you.