Tote bag YOSSÏ with lots of space and an inside compartment.

YOSSÏ is part of our NUUWAÏ x Style with a Smile capsule collection. 5% of all sales will be donated to the Freedom Farm Sanctuary, which rescues animals from the meat and dairy-industry. This is why this bag was named after one of it's residents - Yossi the pig! The collection is limited and will be shipped on the 25th of February - preorder your bag now!


  • Zipped compartment inside
  • Embossed logo 

About Yossi ( the pig!)

Hi my name is Yossi! When I arrived at Freedom Farm I was only two months old, but I had already gone through hell. At the age of one week I was brutally castrated without any anaesthesia, my tail was docked and my teeth were clipped. This occurs daily in pig pens due to the terrible over-crowded conditions which make us pigs develop violent behaviors. When I arrived at Freedom Farm  was so afraid of humans, that I ran to the other side of the room every time someone opened my door. I was named after Yossi Wolfson, the lawyer of Let the Animals Live, without whom me and my friend Omri would not have been saved. Nowadays I love running around all over the farm, exploring everything and seeking comfortable places to take naps.  

This bag is made of soft "apple leather" (AppleSkin). The interior lining is a fabric made out of plastic waste that was fished out of the ocean.

All nuuwaï bags are made of AppleSkin and are {PETA-Approved Vegan}.