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What's New With nuuwaï: A Year In Review // January 2021 (Wallpaper Inside!)

Happy new year, everyone! We hope you had a joyful holiday. Before we start this post, we wanted to say a huge thank you to every single one of you who chose to support us during the past year. Especially during such challenging times, your support has meant the world to us! 

A Year in Review // 2020 Recap 

So, to recap the past year, we thought you'd wanna know our impact!

As a vegan company, using our platform and voice to create a positive impact is something we love doing. Here is what we were able to achieve in 2020!

We donated to Freedom Farm Sanctuary: FFS is a farm sanctuary rescuing animals from animal agriculture and testing industries. together, we were able to raise 208,22€ from Freedom Farm Sanctuary from sales of the nuuwaï x Style with a Smile collection!  

We donated to Gut Aiderbichl: During World Vegan Day, we donated all our profits to Gut Aiderbichl and were able to raise 563,05€ 

We offsetted all your delivery emissions since June 2020: We offsetted 69.3 kilograms of CO₂ that were caused by the delivery of the parcels from your orders on our online shop. The estimated area of forest we protected is 656.0 m² and the equivalent number of tree seedlings protected is 87! Thank you for shopping with us! Our contributions are currently funding the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest.

Our Goals For 2021: 

New year, new products: We are hoping to launch a new product range this year! There are some really exciting designs we are planning on launching (or re-launching) and we hope you'll love them as much as we do!

New colors: We love colors, and we know you do too. This year we will introduce some new, timeless colors to our color range (hint hint: some of you asked for some of these in the past!).

nuuwaï events (hopefully): We still don't know things will unfold this year but there is a hint of hope in our hearts that in 2021 we will be able to meet you all again. We have some fun ideas for meet-ups and events, so let's cross our fingers together!

Even larger positive impact: We want to make positive changes in the world and plan on launching more donation and positive impact campaigns throughout the year. 


People often asked us what does nuuwaï stand for, and here is our answer: it’s our interpretation of the “new way”. Here at nuuwaï, we believe fashion is even more beautiful when created consciously. nuuwaï is here to represent the new way of creating fashion, with the highest respect for animals, humans, and nature. ⁠That's why we came up with a new brand slogan: #TheNewWayOfFashion. ⁠

Our vision has always been to show that with this new way, there’s no need to compromise on quality, style, or values. With this new way, we are able to offer cool, refreshing designs for new-age thinkers and change-makers around the world. ❤️⁠

Along with this new brand slogan, please welcome our new nuuwaï icon that will be featured in our future collections. ⁠


Our Favorite things:

Our Favorite Music:

Visit our January playlist on Spotify:

Our Favorite Books:

High-Performance Habits / Brandon Burchard

"The fundamental principles of CMF Design" / Lilliana Becerra

Our Favorite Vegan Recipes: 

Quick vegan pho

Vegan Burrito

Sushi Sandwich

Vegan Butter Tofu

Delicious Vegan Calzone

Quote of The Month:

"You spend most of your life inside your head. Make it a nice place to be"

We are very excited about the upcoming month and as always, created new beautiful wallpapers for a beautiful new month. 


Happy January, and happy new year!

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