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Vegan Vacation Favs & July Discounts

Are you planning a vacation this year? As traveling still isn't that easy for all of us, some of our team members are going to discover the beautiful sights of our home country Germany. In 2020, many of us realized that we don't necessarily have to jump onto a plane heading Ibiza to have a good time. Yes, we know. Especially German weather is quite unpredictable. That's why we put together a few summery favs to help us all turn on our sunny mode although it might be cloudy:

MIKA Hip Bag NUUWAÏ with floral dress

Side fact: the sunshine also helps us grow our flower meadow in Northern Germany. In the pictures you can see the first shot after seeding the soon to be(e) paradise. Thanks to everyone who ordered in May. We will keep you updated the next months!

Flower Meadow 2021 After Seeding


Top Music: Slow Vacay

You can't hustle into holiday! Vacation starts in your head. To slow your mind, we prepared a little playlist. With the best of our calming yet anticipating pre-vacay hits.

Btw: how about following our team on Spotify? We swear we have massive music taste!


Top Fair Beach Towel: Kushel

Whether you're chilling at the beach or laying in the city park nearby: a fairly produced towel gives us the real coolness factor while sun bathing. We personally like the new models from Kushel


Top Fair Swimwear: boochen

We truly appreciate the brand boochen, that creates beautiful and fair bikinis and swimsuits out of recycled plastic. You don't know them yet? Go check them out and send our love, okay?


Top Vegan Sunglasses: Time for Wood

While putting on skin protection, don't forget about your eyes! Time for Wood has a nice little range of sunglasses made out of wood. And for every order they plant a tree! 


Top Vegan Recipe: Lazy Hummus Pasta Salad

The pasta salad from Cheap Lazy Vegan is for everyone who isn't full from a green Caesar, yet can't handle hot lasagna when there is Sahara happening outside. The vegan recipe is truly for the lazy one's and we feel that kind of energy in months like July. 



Bag of the Month: MÏKA

How about a belt bag for a day at the sea? We offer you 10% on our MÏKA. Every month we nominate one of our "apple leather" handbags to be our "bag of the month". For July 2021 we chose our probably most sporty model: a vegan hip bag with casual click closure.

MIKA Hip Bag NUUWAÏ at the beach

You like the active vibes? Just follow the link and proceed until checkout - the extra discount will be applied automatically!

We hope our belt bag will be a nice little companion to your next adventure - whether it will be abroad or at home.


MIKA Hip Bag NUUWAÏ in the field


Our Impact

In June, your orders have traveled almost 23.000 km. As we contribute to the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project, we could offset more than 14 kg of CO₂. 

carbon footprint compensation NUUWAÏ June


Minimalist Wallpapers 

For those who want to calm their screen flicker: how about changing your background into a more minimalistic and neutral one? For your mobile or even your computer screen. Just click and copy!


Desktop Wallpapers with Calendar July 2021

desktop wallpaper NUUWAÏ July 2021 1
desktop wallpaper NUUWAÏ July 2021 2

Mobile Wallpapers for the Calm

mobile wallpaper NUUWAÏ July 2021 1

mobile wallpaper NUUWAÏ July 2021 2

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