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World Bee Day, Giveaway & Spring Favorites

Yay, it's May! When the sun finally peeks out from behind those lazy winter clouds, we fall in love with nature all over again. But between blooming tulips and blossoming trees, there is one little insect that's in real deep crisis. Learn, how we can help protect this little earthling down below.

You're far from being in sparkling spring mood? Make sure to check out our May favorites and scroll down to find our new mobile wallpapers and desktop screen savers. We can all use a little bit of positivity right now, can't we?

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Have a fantastic month!


Let's Save the Bee

May 20th is World Bee Day. We want to take this as an opportunity to draw attention to a crucial issue: bees are critically endangered. But their protection is essential for the preservation of flora and fauna.

Did you know, that those tiny little insects also pollinate our apple trees? Yes - and from its harvest we make our bags. To break it down: There wouldn't be any "apple leather" without them.  

World Bee Day vegan honey and nuuwai bag

Planting a Bee Paradise

This is why we want to help them, together with you: with each order in May we sow one square meter of flower meadow in northern Germany. Thanks to BienenQuartier for making this possible.

As a thank you we will add a sweet little jar of vegan honey ("Wonig") from Vegablum to your "apple leather" bag. It comes in one of four delicious flavours: lavender, marigold, dandelion or rose. 


Seedbomb Giveaway

But that's not all: you ordered until Word Bee Day (May 20)? Then you automatically participate in our giveaway to win a bee rescuer set from Die Stadtgärtner ("the city gardener"). With their seed bombs, you can create your own colorful spot for bees and other insects right outside your door.

World Bee Day Giveaway Bee Rescue Set from Die Stadtgärtner


Our May Favorites

Top Music: Balcony Buzz

Imagine sitting on your balcony (or in your own garden - how lucky!) listening to nature. Maybe there is a bird singing or a bee humming by. To accompany the relaxed sound of spring, turn on our playlist "Balcony Buzz" - gentle and joyful as an afternoon between daisies, parasols and good books. 

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Top Podcast: TED Talks Daily

Tired of reading? How about just listening and absorbing the thoughts of the world's smartest thinkers and creators? It's hardly an insider tip anymore, but we just love TED Talks - especially for their motivational aura and variety of topics they tackle.


Top Book: Pantone on Fashion

In this book Leatrice Eiseman and E. P. Cutler take you on a journey through "a century of color in design". Pantone on Fashion presents you popular shades and their use over the decades. Our color expert Annika loves it!

Top Vegan Recipe: Tofu Tikka Masala

The popular curry just got a vegan makeover! Roxy and Ben from So Vegan show us their tofu version of spicy tikka masala. Enjoy!

Bag of the Month: JORID

The vegan hip bag is one of the absolute favorites of our team, because it's sporty, flexible and sleek. Therefore, we chose to make it our bag of the month. What that means? You get 10% off of it the whole May! The discount will be applied automatically at checkout so you don't need an extra code!

Vegan "apple leather" belt bag nuuwaï

The small bag comes in a broad range of five different shades. It has an adjustable belt so you can wear it either around your hips or crossbody. There is almost no occasion where this belt bag isn't suitable as it's a smart additional storage for your essentials. To have your smartphone, money and keys always at hand.


Our Impact

In April your parcels traveled 32.990 km, but we were able to offset 20,6 kg of CO₂ - yeah! Our contributions are funding the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon rainforest.

nuuwaï nature protection project numbers


Spring Wallpapers

As usual, we created you a wallpaper that should brighten up your day. This time, we added a mobile version. Hope you like them!

Desktop Wallpapers

Desktop Smartphone Wallpaper Screen Safer Background Bees Minimalist
Desktop Smartphone Wallpaper Screen Safer Background Bees Minimalist

Mobile Wallpapers

Mobile Smartphone Wallpaper Screen Safer Background Bees MinimalistMobile Smartphone Wallpaper Screen Safer Background Bees Minimalist small BeeMobile Smartphone Wallpaper Screen Safer background Bees Minimalist small Bee 2

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