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5 Women Who Inspire Us

5 Women Who Inspire Us

March 8th is International Women's Day! Today, in the spirit of this year's International Women's Day we want to share 5 women who inspire us every day.

Deborah Brown & Mmaa.social

Carina says: "Mmaa.social is a social business founded by Cambridge Alumni and Female Education advocate Deborah Brown, that empowers a female weaving collective run by Rose in Sumbrungu, Ghana.
Rose’s collective weaves baskets for a living, following a tradition passed down through generations.
The core value of Mmaa.social is empowering women, by providing them with fair pay and education because both are shown to drastically enhance women’s life by giving them power over their choices."

Grace Beverley

Svenja says: "Grace started her Fitness-YouTube channel years ago and that’s when I started following her. Since then she went vegan and started her own sustainable and ethical sportswear brand TALA - all while graduating from Oxford University. She also made it onto the Forbes "30 under 30" list and is publishing her own book in April."

Gudy Herder

Annika says: "She is one of the most inspiring women for me because she is so calm, friendly and she is such an trend expert. I love how open minded and creative she is, and her style is just so beautiful and special. Her blog eclectic trends is all about interior design, lifestyle and color trends - which I love as someone who studied color design in university."

Whitney Wolfe

Carina says: "After co-founding Tinder, subsequently getting kicked and out of nothing founding Bumble, now fourth most popular dating app, Whitney did everything on her terms. (And wants other women to do the same).
Going public with her company as the youngest CEO in history and following the example of only a few women preceding her made her one of the very few self-made female billionaires to date."

Madeleine Darya Alizadeh


Svenja says: "Madeleine, also known as @dariadaria on Instagram, started out as a fashion blogger and then made the transition to ethical fashion. She also wrote a book (highly recommend), hosts her own podcast and launched her own vegan, ethical and sustainable clothing brand dariadeh. Isn’t this super impressive? I also love her for her activism on Instagram!"



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