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World Vegan Day 2020 - We're donating 100% of our profits to animals.

World Vegan Day 2020 - We're donating 100% of our profits to animals.

This World Vegan Day, we decided to donate ALL our profits to animals. 

As a vegan company, using our platform and voice to create a positive impact is something we love doing. That's why this WVD, we decided to donate 100% of our profits to our friends at Gut Aiderbichl Sanctuary!

About Gut Aiderbichl

Gut Aiderbichl is a group of farm sanctuaries helping thousands of animals in their 30 farms to get a second chance in life. Striving to bring humans and animals of all kinds closer than ever before, Gut Aiderbichl is using its three visitable estates in Germany and Austria as — more than anything — educational platforms. 

Highlighting the countless similarities between humans and animals, Gut Aiderbichl aims to create mindfulness in the way humans view animals, our planet, and themselves. The farm’s main duty is to “to show that animals have biographies, real life stories – and frequently, they are tales of hardship". The farm members share their stories at the sanctuary to remind everyone of the values of humankind – love, kindness, mercy, HUMANITY – and emphasize that these values need to remain a part of human life, towards ALL beings.

“Animals are no objects, and must be recognized worldwide as our fellow creatures. It’s our role to do all we can to make a difference." Click here to visit Gut Aiderbichl's website to learn more about the amazing work they do.



By placing your orders in our shop from 31. Oct 2020 0:00 CET to 1. Nov 2020 23:59 CET you are directly supporting a wonderful and important mission, helping animals at the farm, backing animal activism and creating a positive impact.

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