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Vegan Picnic Basics for August

How About a Vegan Picnic? 

Is there anything better than to meet up with your friends in the park, have a little drink, philosophize about life and pretend that counting clouds is the most important activity ever? Paired with a smart set of vegan and fair goodies, picnic dates are even more fun! Learn how we celebrate the culture of not doing anything (besides snacking of course). 

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Picnic Packing List - Fair & Vegan Edition

Top Blanket: Cozy & Recycled 

Okay, first things first: we need a cozy picnic blanket, right? If you're also searching for a sustainable alternative, how about a colorful one from liv interior? The one below for example is made of recycled PET bottles. How cool! 



Top Food: Vegan Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Bars

You'd probably agree, that food is by far the most important part of a real picnic party, right? On these plaid blankets is where tummies grow as fast as friendships. When you start your picnic date a little earlier in the day, you can't get past the cake topic. Therefore, straight away a vegan recipe tip below, approves by our team member Annika:


Top Drink: Vegan Wine Spritzer 

To make drinking wine at cake time more appropriate, we masterfully mix it with water. Well, we don't really know if "Wine Spirtzer" is a typical German thing, but we can tell you: it tastes so good - especially at a hot summer day! And it's vegan as well, if you buy it from Schorlefranz.

Top Music: Picnic Playlist

Laying in the grass all day is the true art of living. Why not romanticize life even more with the right background tracks? The nuuwaï team collected their music favs for grape snacking and soda sipping in one compact playlist:


Top Dishes: Zero Waste Options 

Of course, in 2021 nobody wants to bring single-use plastic dishes. Our fav alternatives for low waste tableware are: bamboo knifes and forks by pandoo, reusable glas bottles by soul bottles and lunch boxes by Avoidwaste.


Top Sunscreen: Organic cosmetic 

Besides all the "fun in the sun", don't forget about a good sunscreen. Our recommendation would be the organic based sun protection by i+m


Top Handbag: Vegan Crossbody Bag NÏR

Strolling through the park or laying in the sun all day: the small vegan bag NÏR is the perfect addition to your picnic basket as you have your necessities always at hand. Nobody wants to rummage through kit and caboodle to find phone and keys, right?

Bag of the Month August 2021 

Side fact: amongst all crossbody bags we chose NÏR to be our BAG OF THE MONTH! What that means? At the checkout you automatically get additional 10% off of the original price. Only until the end of August 2021


Modern Horizon Wallpapers 

For a constant sunny afternoon mood we have created some free modern summer wallpapers. To brighten up your working day and to make you dream about what you could do when the desktop part of the day is done. Simply copy & paste!


Mobile Wallpapers - Sun & Nature

mobile wallpaper NUUWAÏ August 2021 1

mobile wallpaper NUUWAÏ August 2021 2

Desktop Wallpapers & August 2021 Calendar

desktop wallpaper NUUWAÏ August 2021 1

desktop wallpaper NUUWAÏ August 2021 2

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