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What's New With nuuwaï: March 2021

Happy March everyone! February was a super exciting month with Valentine's Day and Go Green Week, but we are looking forward to new projects and beginnings in March! 

Behind the scenes we are working on new bags and designs and also on bringing back some old, well-loved "classics". We hope to share more infos about that soon and will keep you updated - so make sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up to date! 


our favorite things

Our Favorite Music:

Visit our March playlist on Spotify:

 Our Favorite Podcast: 

On her Instagram Charlotte is posting all about zero-waste / plastic-free lifestyle and sustainable fashion. We love her approach and can not wait for more episodes of her new podcast (in Germany only, sorry international peeps!)

Our Favorite Books:

Our favorite book this month is "Orient trifft vegan" by Serayi.

Svenja says: "I've been following Serayi on Instagram for a long time now and always loved her recipes she's sharing on her profile. When she released her own cookbook I just knew I had to get it and did not regret my decision ever since. It's filled with vegan, oriental recipes and I can't even decide on my favorite!"  

For now, the book is only available in German unfortunately.

Our Favorite Vegan Recipes: 

Vegan Feta Pasta by Veggiekins - If you are on TikTok there's close to no chance that you have missed the feta pasta craziness. But it is for a reason: It's super easy to make and tastes good. We love the vegan version, of course!

Vegan Pad Thai Spring Rolls by Minimalist Baker - As you might have noticed this month is all about simple, quick recipes. Spring rolls are perfect to use up some leftover groceries, too!

Breakfast Wraps by Hot for Food - This is another food trend that started on TikTok (yes, lockdown made us spent a lot of time on there). This technique is such an amazing way to fill and fold wraps and we are seriously questioning how we have lived without this! 

our impact

The past month your parcels traveled 15.166 km and we were able to offset 9.5 kg of CO₂- woohoo!


Our contributions are currently funding the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest.
We are very excited for the upcoming month and as always, created new beautiful wallpapers for a beautiful new month.  
Happy March!

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