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Gender Fluid Fashion: This Development Shows the Future of Fashion

Gender Fluid Fashion: This Development Shows the Future of Fashion

Fashion has always been fast moving. One trend always follows the next. Only one thing probably never changes: fashion is a way to express your own identity. For many people, fashion is much more than just functional clothing. For them, it's about self realization, feeling good and expressing their own character. So it's not surprising that old conventions are being broken more and more often - because we allow ourselves to be dictated less and less by what we wear or who we are.

"Handbags are for women and suits are worn by men." – the fashion trends of recent years show us that now even the supposedly oldest of all fashion guidelines is beginning to falter: the gender roles. On red carpets and the runways of this world, we see more and more men in skirts and women in ties. 

From Harry Styles to A$AP Rocky, we'll show you where non binary fashion comes from, what trends are in store for us and where you can best put together your gender neutral outfit.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Gender Fluid Fashion?
  2. A New Fashion Trend or a Style with History? Where Gender Fluid Fashion Began
  3. Gender Fluid trends for 2023
    1. Statement Pieces for Men: The Skirt
    2. Genderless, Elegant and Simple: The Blazer
    3. Essentials for Your Outfit: Accessories
    4. Jewelry: The Chic Classic
    5. Your Daily Companion: The Handbag
  4. Inspirations for Your Gender Neutral Outfit
  5. Where to Buy Gender Fluid Fashion

1. What is Gender Fluid Fashion?

Gender Fluid fashion, non-binary fashion and gender neutral fashion are fashion styles that blur the lines between clothing with masculine and feminine connotations. The clothing style is designed to be suitable for all genders. These styles and accessories can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender, size or body type. The trend is growing with the awareness of sexuality, identity and freedom that more and more people are advocating today.

So calling gender fluid fashion "just" a passing fashion trend doesn't go far enough. According to the fashion brand Phluid Project, 56% of Gen-Z consumers shop outside their assigned gender. The fashion world is also reacting to this. At Fashion Week, gender neutral clothing has been seen on the catwalks for some time.

The British Fashion Council has also understood this and announced in 2021 that London Fashion Week will no longer be divided into menswear and womenswear. Old conventions are slowly but surely being broken down, gender boundaries are blurring and gender fluid fashion is not a trend, but a whole upheaval in fashion.

2. A New Fashion Trend or a Style with History? Where Gender Fluid Fashion began:

So is non binary fashion basically a new phenomenon? No, on the contrary! As with most styles, its origin can be traced far back in time. For this, let's take a little trip back in time:

The classic separation of male and female clothing, at least as we know it today, has only been standard since industrialization. In Renaissance times (from the 14th century onwards), clothing rather serves to express social status. In aristocratic houses, men and women wear largely similar garments. In such social classes, you see lace collars, gold-embroidered capes, heeled shoes and flowing curls everywhere.

Our journey continues: we are in America in the 1950s. The time of the economic boom is characterized by a formal business look. Many pictures from this era show men in stylish suits and women in fancy dresses. This strict formality, of course, can not last long: 

The social movements in the U.S. of the 1960s also bring with them a new worldview. This is also reflected in fashion. With colorful, androgynous clothing, icons like David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix usher in a renaissance of genderless fashion.

The last stop on our trip through the past: the 90's. The time of loose cargo, low rise jeans and wide tops - the outfits of the 90's are legendary and influence our understanding of fashion especially today. If we remember the street style of Aaliyah or Kurt Cobain in dresses, we see that fashion has always had gender neutral tendencies.

3. Gender Fluid Trends for 2023

Now enough history lesson. Let's look into the future. So gender fluid fashion is coming back, but what specific fashion trends can we expect to see on the streets and in the stores soon? We've picked out for you the most interesting trend predictions we could find in analyses of the shopping platform Stylight and the fashion magazine Vogue.

3.1. Statement Pieces for Men: The Skirt

Hardly any piece of clothing is so extremely held by the chains of assigned gender roles as the skirt. Yet many fashion icons and designers (and all of Ireland and Scotland) have already proven that the skirt also suits men very well. Because the social image of the skirt is still perceived as feminine, it is especially for men the perfect statement piece to publicly present genderless fashion.

3.2. Genderless, Elegant and Simple: The Blazer

The former classic for men, of course, also knows no gender. In addition, it must be said that blazers have been served by all genders for quiet some time. But especially in 2023, we are once again interested in elegant outfits with blazers and Co.

3.3. Essentials for Your Outfit: Accessories

Now it becomes Trés Chic! In 2022, the bucket hat was still everywhere. Now this is replaced by the French headgear. Minimalist clothing and chic outfits go particularly well with the beret. Just like the beret, the headscarf has also been considered feminine for a long time. Here we would also like to protest! Your head just needs to feel comfortable!

3.4. Jewelry: The Chic Classic

This area of fashion contains again a science of its own. Nevertheless, even small accessories such as rings and necklaces enhance your outfit extremely. Are you looking for jewelry, which fits many styles? We recommend the pearl necklace. This was already popular with all genders last year - and rightly so! Our tip: a summer shirt in combination with the timeless necklace.

3.5. Your Daily Companion: The Handbag

An accessory that has already lived through countless fashion eras and the most diverse variations is the handbag. With the breadth of options, truly every person can find the perfect daily companion. Do you also want to try out the topic of genderless fashion, but don't know how to start?  A handbag is probably practical for everyone of us - and a statement piece, if you will. Check out fair fashion brand Nuuwai for more inspiration on minimalist and gender neutral outfits.

4. Inspirations for Your Gender Neutral Outfit

So now we know where non binary fashion comes from and what's in store for us. But we don't just want to inform you, we want to inspire you! There are many role models and pioneers of today's genderless fashion that could be considered for this. 

The fashion giant Levi's proves that brands have been showing gender fluid fashion awareness for several years now. In collaboration with representatives from the LGBTQIA+ community, the company launched "Unlabled" three years ago. The gender neutral collection included wide leg jeans, jackets and a matte color spectrum. Many brands are now pursuing similar concepts, even going beyond single collections. 

A single that received a double platinum award and spent 44 weeks in the charts, an album that also reached platinum status and a Grammy for the best album of the year: 2022 was a really good year for Harry Styles. However, the singer also proves his expertise outside the music industry. More and more, Harry Styles is becoming a fashion icon and for a few years he has been breaking the boundaries of gender rolesThere hasn't been a solo cover of a man at US Vogue for 128 years, until Harry graced the cover in December 2020 - in a dress. So looking for more inspiration? Check out Harry!

Within a genre that is unfortunately still marked by outdated values and gender roles, only few people have such a massive fashion influence as rapper A$AP Rocky. The outfits and aesthetic of the self-proclaimed "pretty motherf*cker" make him a trendsetter for streetwear. Pieces often seen on Rocky: Beaded necklaces, skirts, handbags and painted fingernails

Of course, there are many more fashion influencers and activists who advocate for non binary gender identity and free self expression by sharing inspiring outfits. So social media is a great source of inspiration for gender fluid fashion. 

5. Where to Buy Gender Fluid Fashion

Now, of course, there's one last question: where do I find clothes that fit my individual style? Here are a few specific labels that we particularly like:


"MOOT", or "Made Out Of Trash", processes textile waste into gender neutral works of art. The Berlin company offers you a wide range of interesting floral patterns for tops and jackets

I and Me

If you're looking for minimalist fashion, you'll find it here: "I and Me" is a brand from London, where you can find gender neutral and sustainable sweaters, T-shirts and pants. A bit more pricy, but really stylish.

Richert Beil

Here again stereotypes and supposed ideals are broken: Founded in 2014, the label "Richert Beil" is especially known for its underground look. The brand from Berlin drops a new collection every year, which cannot be subordinated to any category. The current collection of designers Jale Richert and Michelle Beil offers a selection of tops with simple but interesting prints.

Tom Àdam

Or do you prefer to be cozy? At Tom Ádam you can find sustainable pajamas! Of course, these don't look like the usual pajamas for home. The striped shirts can be easily converted into a summer shirt. Combined right, the lightweight pajama-like fabrics can be just perfect for your gender neutral summer outfit. 


Sustainable, vegan fashion is of course also our specialty! And: buying a handbag from us doesn't depend on your gender. Feel free to visit us on Pinterest or check out our website if you're looking for more outfit inspiration. Maybe a vegan handbag is the start of your new gender neutral style.


Author: Max Sladkov

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