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Earth Day Every Day! 10 Easy Ways to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle.

Earth Day Every Day! 10 Easy Ways to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle.

Earth Day is officially over, but for us earth day is every day! This is not just a day for big corporations to post "meaningful" quotes or promote their "sustainable" new collection (hello, #greenwashing). Earth Day should be a reminder and inspiration for everyone that we should care about our planet every day of the year and should act accordingly. We know it's impossible to change your behavior from one day to another, but implementing new more conscious and eco-friendly choices into your everyday life can go a long way. We collected 10 things you can easily change for a more sustainable lifestyle!

1. Go vegan

Going vegan is one of the easiest and most effective ways you can help our planet. You don't have to do this over night, but try implementing more vegan meals into your day. Maybe start with having a vegan breakfast one week, then vegan lunch another week and try 3 completely vegan meals in the third week. There are so many vegan dishes that are already vegan or can be veganized super easy. Inspiration is easy to find on Pinterest or YouTube! Search for your favorite meal and just add vegan and you will surely find a good vegan version for it!

2. Try to avoid unnecessary packaging

Especially plastic packaging has a huge impact on the earth and it's environment - this isn't something new to hear. Buying your food in a bulk section or store or even a package free shop is something you can quickly implement into your everyday life! If you don't have something nearby try to find alternatives that are packed in paper, recycled plastics or bulk packaging. Solid shampoo bars, shower bars or deodorants are also a great way to achieve this. Small steps can go a long way here!

3. Make it last

When it comes to clothing using what you already own it the most sustainable thing you can possibly do. Before buying something new go trough your wardrobe and check if it's really necessary. Maybe you will find an old piece that you forgot about or that just needs to be fixed. Take it to the tailor (or do it yourself if you can) and try to make what you already own last as long as possible. Clothing swaps with friends are also a great way to keep clothing from ending up in landfills.

4. Shop second hand or fair and sustainable

If you need a new piece of clothing look for a good second hand option - apart from second hand stores there are so many platforms like depop or Kleiderkreisel (for the German peeps) where you will surely find something good. In the case you're not finding what you're looking for buying from sustainable and ethical brands is the thing to do. In our Instagram Highlights we shared some of our favorite small, ethical labels if you're in need for some inspiration. A lot of ethical bloggers also have lists on their websites with their favorite brands - our favorites are this post from Style with a Smile and DARIADARIA's link list. 

5. Reusable for the win!

Just like clothing reusing things is the most sustainable thing to do. Get a glass container for takeout, buy a reusable straw made from bamboo, glass or stainless steel (if you're not depending on plastic straws - some people can't get alternatives for multiple reasons and that's fine), try reusable pads to remove your make up or get a period cup. This way you will be able to reduce your own waste without even noticing it!

6. Vacay at home

Due to the current situation it doesn't look like many people are going to spend their summer vacation abroad so maybe try to use this summer to discover beautiful places in your home town, state or country. You will be surprised by how many spots you will be able to find this way. 

7. Plant a tree

No, you don't have to do it yourself if you can't. There are so many initiatives you can support that will do it for you. Just by using Ecosia as your default search engine you will plant trees while searching the internet. Many businesses will also plant trees if you buy something from them - one of our favorites is Kushel. This German brand makes amazingly soft towels out of organic cotton and wood fibers (Tencel) and will plant two trees for every towel. 

8. Bye, bye car!

You probably already heard this one, but try to limit your car use as much as possible. Apart from the emissions that cars create, their tires are also one of the biggest sources of microplastic. Take your bike to work if you can, walk wherever you can or switch to public transport whenever possible.

9. Save resources

You can do a lot here and these are just a few things that popped into our minds: print as little as possible, try to switch to digital bills (a lot of companies offer this), turn off the water while brushing your teeth or washing your hands, take showers instead of baths, read your newspaper or magazine digitally, turn off lights and technical devices when you leave a room, use your dryer only when necessary... 

10. Use vegan and reef-friendly SPF

Sunscreen is a must all year around to protect your skin UV-rays which can cause skin cancer (we definitely don't want that!). Unfortunately many UV-filters can be harmful to the environment and especially our reefs. Avoid sunscreens that contain

  • petrolatum (mineral oil)
  • a high amount of titanium dioxide 
  • oxybenzone and octinoxate - these UV-filters are suspected to cause coral bleaching 

    We hope this gave you some inspiration and helped you to make more conscious decisions in your everyday life! If you have another advice feel free to leave a comment to share it with others! 

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