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11 of the best vegan restaurants in Hannover.

11 of the best vegan restaurants in Hannover.

Hannover is nuuwaï's hometown: it might not be a huge city like Berlin, yet it has so much more to offer than you would ever expect. There are plenty of things you can do here, but my favorite activity is eating a lot of vegan, yummy food! Throughout the years I got to know some of the best places for vegans around here and decided to gather them all for you!

Al Dar 


Where? Königstraße 3, 30175 Hannover

If you're looking for good Falafel and Hummus this is the place for you. Al Dar is a Syrian restaurant that has a lot of vegan options labeled in their menu and also offers a 3-course menu which can be made completely vegan. My recommendation: Get the menu - you will be able to try almost everything from their menu this way. As the falafel and hummus addict I am, I always ask them to switch the main course to a falafel and hummus plate and never had any regrets about this. ;)

Apartment Hannover

Where? Falkenstraße 1, 30449 Hannover

A small, fully vegan restaurant that serves salads, savory bowls, raw cakes, smoothies and smoothie bowls. You can also get breakfast there during the weekends - I haven't tried it yet, but from what I've seen it looks delicious (especially their carrot lox bagel you can see in the photo above) and I will definitely try it in the future! My favorite: Get their Mama Mao Bowl and a slice of raw cake for dessert!


Where? Offensteinstraße 14, 30451 Hannover

Delicious, vegan burgers - what else needs to be said? Almost all ingredients for the burgers and side dishes are made from scratch - for example the patties, "cheese" sauce and fries. You can taste the love they put into their food. They also offer desert like cookies and different cakes or vegan cocktails. My favorite: The "Alles Keese" Burger and their "chicken" nuggets! 

Bäcker Göing

Where? 31 locations in and around Hannover, check their website!

Perfect for on the go or for your daily piece of cake! This is one of my favorite local bakeries, that is family owned, still bakes everything by themselves and offers so many vegan options now! Vegan brioche, cake or sandwiches for on the go - you can always find something good there! 


Where? Lindener Marktpl. 3, 30449 Hannover

One of my favorite places to go to for a casual breakfast, lunch or dinner - it's not fully vegan, but has a lot of labeled vegan options. For breakfast you can kind of build your own from a wide range of options and for lunch or dinner you can choose from a pretty big menu. They also offer the Beyond Meat Burger, but my recommendation would be the vegan Currywurst, which has also convinced a lot of non-vegan peeps I went there. ;) Their vegan brownies are also definitely a must!


Where? Blumenstraße 3, 30159 Hannover

Hiller is Germany's oldest vegetarian restaurant and fully vegan since 2012. Besides their regular menu they offer a buffet throughout the week or a 6-course menu. 

Hippo Bio Vegan

Where? Marienstraße 38, 30171 Hannover

A small cafe and restaurant that offers food from their menu or buffet, delicious cake (seriously - it's the best in Hannover) and a brunch on weekends. My recommendation: Either go there in the afternoon to try their amazing cakes or try their brunch on weekends! I spent so many hours there on weekends and was never disappointed!

Kosher Food Lovers - Foodtruck

Where? Lindener Marktplatz (Tu), Lister Meile (Th), Stephansplatz (Fr).

What? Delicious jewish-japanese fusion! Sounds weird at first, but believe me - you have to try it. Everything apart from the Pastrami Sandwich and Bagel is vegan and I highly recommend the Tofu Pastrami Bagel! You will meet us at the market on the Lister Meile every Thursday eating our bagels. Another tip: Take a glass of Cholent with you. Cholent is a very flavorful stew that is traditionally eaten on Saturday, but it tastes amazing every day. ;)



Where? Lister Meile 4, 30161 Hannover

Mezzo isn't fully vegan either, but has a lot of clearly labeled vegan options including breakfast, cakes and changing dishes on their weekly menu. Open from 9 am - 12 am during weekday and 9 am - 2 am during the weekend Mezzo is perfect for any time of the day. My favorite: The lentil curry or just try different things from their changing menu - it never disappointed me. 

Vegan Village

Where? Calenberger Str. 11, 30169 Hannover

This is not your typical restaurant - Vegan Village is run by buddhist monks and entirely based on donations. They offer different daily dishes that will be prepared fresh for you and you choose how much you want (or are able) to pay for your meal. 


Where? Lister Meile 69, 30161 Hannover

Yomaro offers vegan frozen yogurt and labels all of their vegan toppings with a green dot. In winter you can also get vegan waffles with Froyo there. Definitely my recommendation for hot summer days! 

 Anything you think we left out? Share it in the comments! Have fun trying new food spots and let us know how you liked it!

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