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Production & Social Responsibility

One thing was clear from the start: we don't just want our handbags to be vegan. No, first and foremost they should be fair. Because how cruelty-free is a bag that is free of animal ingredients but produced under inhumane conditions? Learn more about which production path we have chosen below. 

As a fair fashion label, we strive for a transparent supply chain. That's why you can track exactly where we produce and have produced our vegan bags. Our goal is to operate as locally as possible. That's why we moved our production from Asia to Europe in 2021. For each country, there is a map that shows you how and where your vegan bag is assembled. So you can follow every step of the production in detail.

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As a German brand, it is important for us to also look for production opportunities in our own country. Not only because this reduces transport distances, but also to support bag-making as a traditional German craft. 

Our production site in Germany is female-managed and subject to German labor standards. The manufacturer puts emphasis on sourcing components from Germany as much as possible and reprocessing materials without residue.

German Supply Chain

Germany - Office, Lining, Threads, Production, Shipping

Italy - Metal Hardware, AppleSkin

India - Dust Bags in collaboration with Bags of Ethics

China - Custom Hardware



Since 2022, we also produce in Spain. Right at the beginning of the year we personally visited the production. There we were warmly welcomed by Carmen and her husband. Their factory has been family-run for over 30 years now.

There are a total of four permanent employees, working under the current legal labor standards of Spain. To ensure that all processes are running properly, we have a person on site who visits the location regularly and helps coordinate the production path.

Spanish Supply Chain

Germany - Lining, Threads, Office, Shipping

Italy - Hangtags, Hardware, AppleSkin

Spain - Production

India - Dust bags in collaboration with Bags of Ethics

China - Custom Hardware


New Delhi

Our first vegan fashion collections we produced in India. Before we made this decision, we visited locations inside and outside Europe - and were shocked by the conditions there. By chance, we met our former producer at a trade fair - a manufacturer from New Delhi. After initial skepticism, we were convinced on site of the fair and safe working conditions:

The building for production and administration was recently built in 2018. It has all the necessary safety precautions such as signposted escape routes, emergency exits, fire alarms, fire extinguishers and protective clothing for the workers. The family-owned production facility is now in its third generation. Many employees have been with the company for over 20 years. All of them receive a living wage. This is a salary from which they and their families can live. 

In addition, the production is certified with SMETA, an audit by Sedex. It enables companies to evaluate their production sites and suppliers. The internationally recognized, independent audit can ensure social standards, such as the prohibition of child and forced labor, discrimination and that regulated working hours are respected.

Indian Supply Chain

Germany - Office, Hangtags, Shipping

India - Threads, Hardware, Production

China - Lining from ECOALF

Italy - AppleSkin

Fast Fashion, Slow Fashion

After the Rana Plaza collapse in 2013, more and more people are interested in where their clothes are made. Since then, a lot has happened in the fashion industry. Besides us, many other ethical fashion brands have been founded in Germany. Experts are questioning the fashion industry developments and influencers and entrepreneurs like Madeleine Alizadeh are making fair fashion their subjects - or even launching their own vegan labels. The countermovement of the fast fashion industry is loud and critical. But not yet loud enough. This is why it's even more important to support movements like the Fashion Revolution Week and to choose fair fashion labels.

You’d like to try “non fast fashion” brands like ours? Feel free to browse through our fair fashion online shop for vegan bags!


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