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How to Comfy (Home) Office

How to Comfy (Home) Office

Back to Business Coziness

In Germany September is the month most people return from their summer vacation - or better say they crawl? Yes, of course, a road trip to the sea feels a tiny bit more pleasing than the early bird train ride back to office routine. Still, let's not sink too deep into post-vacation blues, ok?

To cheer us up, we at nuuwaï decided to give our work space a little makeover. Below you'll find our tips on what you can integrate into your (home) office for a productive yet cozy business atmosphere. ASAP? Ok, let's go!


Tips for a Feel Good Work Space

Top Decor: Easy-Care Plants

What our team began with was - how could it be any different? - to buy some new cute plants. True millennials (what we all are by the way) need a good amount of jungle in their natural habitat. Although we still have to learn A LOT about plant care, we really enjoy their presence on a visual level. And we've already discovered that succulents and cacti, for instance, can be left in the office over the weekend without dying immediately. Good to know, huh? 

People Buying Plants for Office NUUWAÏ


Top Music: Cozy Office  

Translating the coziness factor into work music we aim a good mixture of deep concentration beats (for the high productivity phase), some soft indie folk songs (to secretly bob your foot to underneath your desk) and a little bit of pop culture (to not fall asleep after lunch break). You feel that vibe? Follow our playlist(s) on Spotify!


Top Snack: Vegan Low Sugar Chocolate 

We already tried and office approved them, the plastic-free and vegan chocolate by MYLKCHOCY. Our favorite flavor so far is definitely "salty macadamia". 


Top Utensils: Grass Paper Notebooks 

We don't want to capture all our thoughts digitally. Sometimes the classic pen-and-paper system helps us to structure our ideas more fluently. But since we don't want to waste an unnecessary amount of paper, we choose our notebooks wisely. What about vegan alternatives made from grass paper by Matabooks, for example?

Top Handbag: Vegan Shopper YOSSÏ

A classy shopper has always been part of the business world, right? For us, a good office bag is particularly spacious and has extra long handles since we want to carry it comfortably over our shoulder when we cycle to university or want to have our hands free for the after work grocery shopping.

YOSSÏ bag of the month worn by nuuwaï team member Lisa

Side fact: this month (September 2021), our vegan apple leather bag YOSSÏ is actually 10% off! So if you've been wanting to get one of those classic shoppers anyway, now could be the right time.


Top Wallpapers: From Summer to Fall 

Everybody, who works a typical office job has a lot of screen time. That's why it's even more important to go for aesthetic wallpapers and screen savers. You don't find any nice one's? Well, we have something prepared for you!  

Mobile Wallpapers - Summer Throwback

mobile wallpaper NUUWAÏ September 2021 1 

mobile wallpaper NUUWAÏ September 2021 2

Desktop Wallpapers & September 2021 Calendar

 desktop wallpaper NUUWAÏ September 2021 1

 desktop wallpaper NUUWAÏ September 2021 2

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