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Sustainable Gift Ideas for Christmas and Co.

Sustainable Gift Ideas for Christmas and Co.

December 24th is getting closer and closer and like every year we’re asking ourselves: “What gifts can make my loved ones happy?". To be honest, the whole year this question drives us crazy. Because the perfect gift is not at all easy to find, right?

Do you struggle coming up with gift ideas for Christmas or do you have a hard time finding gifts in general? No problem, we got your back. Below you’ll find tips and ideas for sustainable gifts. Cheers to a stress-free pre-Christmas season!


Table of Contents

  1. Sustainable Gifts
  2. Gift Ideas for Foodies
  3. Gift ideas for fair fashionistas
  4. Gift Ideas for Adventurers
  5. Gift Ideas for Romantics
  6. Last Minute Gift Ideas
  7. Gift Ideas for Everyone
  8. Let's Give!

Sustainable Gifts

Whether for Christmas, birthday or wedding: we spend an incredible amount of time thinking about what we could do as gifts. More and more people try to pay attention to the origin of products they buy. This makes it even harder to find a gift as it also has to be somehow sustainable.

nuuwaï vegan gift idea

To make it easier to find a meaningful gift for your loved ones without you wasting tons of your time we have collected some good amount of options. But before we start to present our sustainable gift ideas to you, we’ve got a few tips you should read beforehand.

  • Pay attention - your colleague urgently needs a decent calendar, your best friend has always wanted to go to the sea with you and your sister has a passion for handbags? Always listen carefully and collect all wishes your loved ones express throughout the year – e.g. in a handy notes app on the smartphone.
  • Is it useful? - A singing colourful bottle opener, the 15th keychain or a decorative item that doesn't fit into the rest of the furnishing? Don't buy anything that isn't at least a little bit useful. It would be a pity if your gift gathers dust in a drawer. Or even ends up in the trash.
  • Take your time - Sure, you know your friends and family. Still, take your time and don’t make a hasty decision. Think about the person you are giving the gift to, about their favourite colour, fashion taste, favourite restaurant or even about the decor at home. All this will help with your decision.
  • Asking helps - Of course, it's nicer when gifts are a surprise. But sometimes it saves you from causing quite a headache and desperate hours of contemplation if you simply ask what someone needs. If you don't want to ask straight out, try indirect questions to find out which gift is the right choice.


Gift Ideas for Foodies

Something delicious to feast on is in any case a popular gift. At Christmas more than ever we reach for gingerbread, speculoos and Co. Today there’s a wide range of fair-trade products such as fair chocolate, that you can gift with a good conscience.

However, even more personal and beautiful are homemade treats. Therefore, we picked out a few delicious vegan recipes for you, which you can quickly and easily recreate. Packaged in a beautiful tin, suitable for the festive occasion, you have the right gift for all the sweet tooths in barely no time.

Small tip: write the recipe you used on a beautiful card and include it with the present.


Gift Ideas for Fair Fashionistas

A new hat, a scarf or a modern T-shirt always makes a good gift. And it would be perfect if it is also fair and sustainable. Many online stores already offer fashion that complies with these criteria.

However, to every outfit you also need the matching accessories. On our website you find vegan bags made of apple leather, like backpacks, fanny packs, handbags or purses. Maybe you find the perfect gift for your loved one - or even for you?

nuuwaï vegan gift card for Christmas

You’re not sure which model or which color you should choose? Simply think about a gift card. The card is available on our online store starting at 25€. After the purchase you will receive a pdf-version of the nuuwaï-gift card via email which you can easily print out. Also perfect when you still need a sustainable last-minute gift.


Gift Ideas for Adventurers

Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves to travel the world? How about a scratch world map, a fanny pack (e.g. our vegan fanny pack MIKA made of apple leather (;) for on the road or a nice little travel diary? Especially for globetrotters this is the perfect gift idea.

nuuwaï vegan handbag for Christmas gift ideas

Excitement, action and adrenaline. So that you and your adventurous friends don't get bored, gift something where fun and games come first. For example, you can escape from an exit room or compete in laser tag.


Gift Ideas for Romantics

Advent calendars could basically exist all year round, couldn't they? Opening the doors during Advent and counting the days until Christmas Eve is an absolute necessity. Many have even more than one calendar, prepared with a small joy for each of the 24 days.

What gives more pleasure than kind words from someone you like? A sustainable alternative to the plastic-wrapped chocolate Advent calendar is a DIY one, which, for example, has small notes with compliments behind its doors.

nuuwaï vegan Christmas card for gift idea

You can put the notes in small jars or bottles and place them in a wooden box or hang them on a line. This is not only easy to do but also plastic-free and sustainable. With little effort you can create lovely gifts that many would be happy about.

But romantic gifts aren’t only suitable for Christmas. Last minute Valentine's Day gifts or gift ideas for a birthday are causing a tough time for many of us. But it doesn't take much to make your loved one happy.

As cliché as this may sound, let me tell you: fragrant flowers, a declaration of love beautifully wrapped in a letter, a candlelight dinner or a gift card for a new handbag makes “every heart beat faster”.


Last Minute Gift Ideas

For many it’s the last resort: a gift idea for the very last minute. For you we have two sustainable last-minute gift ideas, which doesn’t seem to appear as one.

The first idea for a perfect last-minute gift is a DIY gift. Here there are loads of options which you can easily recreate. Above all, you save money. Because for many DIY last minute gifts you either need things you have at home or find outside in the garden. Cool, right?

However, if you’re not the typical DIY person, then what about a gift card. There are gift cards for everything and everyone. And the best thing about them is, in most cases you can buy them online and print them out. Wrap them up nicely and you're done!


Gift Ideas for Everyone

Probably the most lasting thing you can possibly give as a gift is time. For most people something that is hardly available. But in the end it is also one of the most precious things we have.

In the stressful everyday life your family and friends often come off short. So why not gift your time? Time for restaurant visits with your loved ones, games with your friends or just a cosy get-together with the whole family.

Written on a nice card, packed with beautiful flowers or some chocolate. In just a minute you have a great gift that everyone will be happy about.


Let's Give!

The whole gift topic never allows us to rest. Especially Christmas time should be a time of peace and contemplation. With our gift ideas and inspirations, gifts CAN be time-saving, stress-free and sustainable.

We hope we’ve inspired you so you can get started right away. Feel free to leave a comment and tell us which of the tips you liked the most. But now have fun with realizing our sustainable gift ideas!

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