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Stop Catcalling!


"Better Than Bullshit" is a fundraising campaign calling for the fight against verbal sexual harassment.

Together with the initiative Catcalls of Hannover and the fair fashion label boochen we designed statement shirts and bags against catcalling.

The proceeds will go completely to the association behind Catcalls of Hannover, Chalk Back Deutschland e. V.

Support Chalk Back Deutschland e.V. Donate with every order from our #BetterThanBullshit collection!

Together Against Catcalling!

Together Against Catcalling

Catcalling situations take place every day. 

We clearly call these assaultive comments BULLSHIT and we can think of a few things that are better: like positioning ourselves together, raising awareness, being allies and supporting activism.

Together with boochen, Catcalls of Hannover and with YOU we want to make a clear statement and show that we know what is better than bullshit.

What is Catcalling?

Catcalling is a term used to describe people being called sexist, offensive, queerphobic, racist or similar remarks by strangers on the street. It includes whistling, following or not accepting "no" from strangers.

Catcalls of Hannover is a group of young people fighting against verbal harassment in public. As part of the international non-profit organisation Chalk Back - and more recently as Chalk Back Deutschland e. V. - it has chalked up over 1000 of the so-called "catcalls" since 2019.

Armed with chalk, the initiative writes stories of harassment word-for-word in the spots where they happened. Then they post a photo of it on their Instagram @catcallsofhannover. Most of the situations described also originate from there. In private messages to their account, dozens of people already sent them their experiences with (verbal) sexual harassment.

support is #betterthanbullshit


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