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Care Tips for your AppleSkin Handbag

How do I care for my vegan AppleSkin handbag?

AppleSkin as a material is very easy to care for and durable. However, there are a few care tricks that will help you enjoy your vegan handbag even longer.

Storage Tips

1. We recommend storing your nuuwaï handbag in the dust bag provided when you are not using it. This will keep your bag safe from the elements. You can also stuff your apple leather bag with clean paper or fabric (e.g. old clothes or scarves) to keep the leatherette bag in shape and prevent wrinkles in the "AppleSkin".

By the way, this care tip also applies to other vegan designer handbags and will prevent them from wrinkling.

2. If you want to take the best care of your vegan handbag, don't hang it by the straps, but place it on the bottom of the bag in a safe place. Frequent and prolonged hanging builds up pressure on the strap and could cause long-term wear and tear on the vegan bag.

3. Although AppleSkin is extremely strong and durable, it is also very soft. Avoid folding or stacking your bag. This will keep your AppleSkin bag looking good, wrinkle free and rigid for years to come.

Cleaning instructions

1. To clean your vegan nuuwaï AppleSkin bag, simply wipe it with a smooth, damp cloth. If water alone is not enough, you can use a little soap. However, use it sparingly and carefully on the soiled areas so as not to damage or scratch the AppleSkin. It is better to avoid using harsh detergents when cleaning fruitleather and leatherettes.

2. The same tip applies to cleaning the lining of your handbag: use a damp cloth and gently clean the inside of your case. Then allow the cleaned lining to air dry completely until you are ready to use your bag again.

If you have any further questions about cleaning and caring for vegan apple leather handbags, or caring for plant-based leather alternatives in general, please email us at


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